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Organization Strategies
assisting senior executives using organization perspectives and methods to execute business strategies, improve operations and performance, employ quality management practices, and optimize roles and responsibilities.
Strategic Change
assisting in the implementation of strategy, business initiatives, organizational and cultural changes for leadership alignment, change leadership, stakeholder and employee engagement, large scale program design, organization performance, and communications.
Talent Strategies
focusing on a comprehensive Talent Management approach defining the Talent Strategy for an organization and implementing Talent Solutions that enable them to acquire, fully deploy and engage their people to achieve strategic business objectives and sustainable results.
Learning Solutions
designing and implementing programs to increase talent operating models and platforms to maximize the value and return on the development investment, to support the learning and growth of organizational talent, and institute programs which develop, grow, and maintain knowledge capital.

3E is an Organizational and Leadership Development Training and Consulting firm.  At 3E, we create executable solutions that result in sustainable, transformational change for you and your organization. 3E is known for collecting and evaluating information so that we understand your needs, your context, and your ambitions from the beginning – so that our resulting recommendations are on target to foster desired results.  Our organizational consulting and leadership consulting professionals draw on our extensive experience to design one-of-a-kind solutions in response to your one-of-a-kind challenges. Together, we can make profound immediate and long-term impacts on your business results

Let 3E ignite your transformation journey!!

3E Global Solutions and Strategies

3E specializes in strategic visioning, strategy execution, performance management, process improvement, and leadership development for  organizations in the public and private sectors.

Our mission is to provide organizations with tools and knowledge that enhance capability and foster more effective operations so that they can better reach their goals and accomplish their missions.